Nicola Cozzolino
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The best way to predict the future is to design it.

“The best way to predict the future is to design it.” Buckminster Fuller said that. His words inspire me every day of my life. To follow them there is a list of steps to take. It’s easy, friend. Take them. You certainly won’t be bored.

Feed the brain.
Be curious, be intellectually independent. This is the first rule to follow when feeding the brain. You are a container and the more things you put inside, the more rich you will be of things to express. A designer should see how something could be before others do. You need to live in your imagination, always. But the ability to imagine is not a gift. It is more like a small bud, a seedling, and you need to water it every day of your life, and trust me, it will became a big and strong tree. Read, walk, listen, speak, see the world with free eyes and a clean spirit.  Don’t be limited. Be open. Don’t be scared. Ever.

Fear is a lie.
You can do everything you want as long as you respect what and who you have around. So be courageous and believe always in your ideas. If you feel different, you probably are. Tell it to the world. You only have a certain number of days to express yourself. Don’t waste your soul, bring it to the light. And if you make mistakes, don’t worry, you are human after all.

Learn from your mistakes.
And try.
And try.
And try again.
And in the end, if you have some doubts, please try again. One more time.
Every time you do it, you will learn more. Live as a carpenter who’s building a chair. It will be never perfect, but always better. Every day a bit more. All the challenges you will face will teach your more about yourself. Be humble and open to comparison. Listen to yourself and learn to listen to others. You are better than what you can image. Trust in your capacities.

Citizen of the world.
Respect your culture and learn from others. Don’t be fascinated by “titles”, read the entire article before you decide your opinion. Be free from conditions, and be the sum of all experiences you have lived. A designer, a creative, can design and create only what he already has lived. What he has experienced. If you haven’t done it yet, what are you waiting for? Go and get it.

Love. Because there is no reason to not love. You are here. We are here. Now. Live the present and love. The heart is the master. Let yourself be guided by your feelings. They never make mistakes. And if you suffer, no problem, go back to number 3.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde.

“And the future will be yours.”

No, grazie. Al momento non mi interessa.